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Clearwater, Florida is one of the three main cities that make up the Tampa Bay area along with Tampa and St. Petersburg. Clearwater has a long and rich history, with its founding beginning in 1835, when it was home to the Tocobaga people. It became incorporated in 1891 and was originally part of Hillsborough County. This was the case until 1912, and Clearwater real estate had grown so much it became the county seat for Pinellas County in 1915. The city has been ever growing, and according to the 2010 census, the population had grown to a massive 107,685. With such a large population, the Clearwater home buying options are virtually unlimited. 

This beautiful city in Florida is most popular for its proximity to Clearwater Beach, one of the most coveted getaway spots for non-Floridians. The fantastic blue waters meeting white sands lure visitors each year, and this paradise will only be separated from your Clearwater, Florida home by the Intracoastal Waterway, with easy access by the Clearwater Memorial Causeway. The location of the city in relation to the beach isn't the only draw for homeowners in Clearwater, however. One of the most notable attractions here is the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, which can provide fun for adults as well as children. Clearwater is also known for its Scientology following, with its headquarters located here. 

Clearwater, Florida is constantly growing and ever-changing, but the focus on beauty and allure has not wavered throughout its history. In recent years, Clearwater construction has continued, which involves home building as well as a beautification project for the city. The residents of Clearwater homes strive to maintain its rich history, an example being their efforts to save the Belleview Biltmore Hotel. Having been a part of Clearwater since 1896, this hotel became a staple for the area. While they lost part of the building, the original historic portion of the hotel was able to be saved. Whether you prefer the mild winters of Florida, love the idea of easy access to a paradise-style beach, or want to be part of a community that basks in its rich history, Clearwater is a great option. Contact us today, and we can assist you in finding your perfect Clearwater, Florida home!

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