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Cheval, Florida is a small unincorporated community located within the greater Tampa Bay area. With a population of just over 10,000 people, the people who live in Cheval homes are able to enjoy a serene area to live within a bustling city. Cheval is located in Hillsborough County and is made up of three smaller areas, including Cheval East and Calusa, with Cheval West located on its western border. The houses in Cheval, Florida are separated from the Cheval West homes by Highway 589, which offers easy access to the city. This small suburban town features a variety of gated communities, with many different types of real estate available. This includes villas, apartments, single family homes, and more. 

Being located just outside of Tampa, those who live in Cheval, Florida are able to enjoy the many offerings of a large metropolitan area. However, there are things to do for the residents of Cheval without having to venture into the city. Lake Carlton offers fishing, boating, and a variety of other activities with a beautiful and serene setting. Those who live in Cheval, Florida homes also have access to the exclusive Cheval Golf and Athletic Club, providing fitness and fun for residents right within their own community. This is also a great place for Cheval homeowners to get to know and become friends with their neighbors. The location of real estate in Cheval, Florida is prime for its residents, allowing access within 10 miles to even more entertainment. This includes, but is not limited to, Lowry Park Zoo, Adventure Island, and Busch Gardens. 

Within the many gated communities of Cheval, Florida, neighbors become friends, and many areas offer their own security to keep the area safe. This type of neighborhood mentality allows a little respite from the bustling city for those who live in Cheval houses. Over thirty percent of homes located in Cheval, Florida boasts having children, while there are also many married couples and singles living in the area. Whether you want a small apartment at the edge of a lake, or you want a big family home located with a view of a fantastic golf course, you can find the perfect home in Cheval. Contact us today, and we will help you find the perfect Cheval, Florida home for you.

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